May 2

Steve at the mic


I am playing one-hundred years of hits! The 20th Century Soundtrack is ON-THE-AIR Monday through Friday, 3PM to 6PM (Pacific) on 104.5 FM and 930 AM KKXX in Chico/Paradise, Oroville CA. Join me for Fun & Frivolity and great music and memories on the Afternoon Harvest!

3 Responses

  1. theresa Says:

    Just turned the radio to the new station todqy and smiled the biggest smile ever to hear you on the air again. You are awesome and it makes my day to hear the music again!

  2. Heather Lyon Says:

    Steve, thanks for inviting me to talk about books on the radio. A few minutes after we were on the air talking about Nothing Daunted by Dorothy Wickenden, a man stopped in to buy it for his wife. He had been driving home and heard it on the radio. Radio advertising works!

  3. Mike G Says:

    Listened to your wonderful story about the cab driver and the little lady that he drove around town for free on the way to the hospice, and was delighted almost more by the perfect segue into Harry Chapin’s Taxi— you da man!

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