Jun 22

Jack Webb on Phone

“Just the facts, mam.”
Please provide any suggestions as to specials (Disney music, wacky songs, etc…) or music you’re not hearing that you would like to hear from the 20th Century Soundtrack in the comment section below this post. Remember, it must have charted in the Top 40 to make the 20th Century Soundtrack but all suggestions are welcome.

Thanks, Steve

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  1. Dan Lewis Says:

    Hi Steve!

    Remember the C&W oldies radio show that Morriss Taylor used to do? What about some more of that stuff? Anything from Jimmie Rodgers to Tammy Wynette would be cool!

    BTW, FANTASTIC thing you’ve created here–can’t get enough of it!

    Best, Dan (the record guy @ 8th & Main Antiques)

  2. admin Says:

    As I continue to develop more stations for Steve Michaels VaultOVinyl, there will be a Country format and an R&B format as well. Standby….

  3. Norah Says:

    My Office Manager, Nicole, LOVES Rick Springfield. She is pretty much obsessed. I introduced her to your station, and she loves it. We listen to it in the office. But if you have any obscure Rick (not Jessie’s Girl, i have to listen to that all the time) She would love to hear it. Please?

  4. Henry Says:

    Please add and play “The 12th of Never” by Manuel and his men from the mountains. You have a great music treasure going. Thanks. Also, please play some of Tammy Wynette hits…..fudge on top 40…they were big on country charts, one more add should be “When A Man Loves A Woman”..Percy Sledge. Thx again.

  5. Henry Says:

    Steve, some advice….hard rock, rap, filthy language in songs of 70s-99 are inconsistent with 01-69 years. Split 1900-1969 and new channel 1970-2011. Even better, you could still play 1900+ songs and songs FROM top 40 but use your musical knowledge to leave out the trash since there are some good hits 71-99. A good friend airs only songs he likes and his library is extraordinary. Enjoying your internet efforts. Just remember, BEST music ever comes from 1948-1963…none other will ever compete.

  6. Henry Says:

    Steve, one more request as I watch on studio cam you are having a lively time this tuesday. You need to play for us “Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White” by Perez Prado Orch. Per Joel Whitburn, CP&ABW is the most popular single song during the entire period 1955 thru 1988. Apparently, RCA re-recorded it with the smooth, studio resonating sound mid 1955 when it made the charts big. Whitburn shows it as RCA #5965, but the UK version is this true item. Thanks for all the memories.

  7. Donna Says:

    Big Brother and The Holding Company and not just their standards but songs like “Hall of The Mountain King” and “Road Block”. I love the sounds from SF in the 60s and what was popular during the same time period in Europe.

    I also remember when bands like Human League were popular in the 80s but never hear them played.

  8. Diane Says:

    Okay, this really really date me, but how about some Spike Jones, remember him? What crazy guy, loved his stuff.

  9. Molly Says:

    More TV and Movie Tunes. Also, I think OLDER country music is a huge part of our musical legacy. Hank Williams SR., Patsy Cline, some bluegrass classics (not just Foggy Mtn. Breakdown), some of the early Grand Ol’ Opry, Texas Swing, too……Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys,…these are all part of our heritage. I don’t care all that much for the new stuff because I don’t see anything that really defines it as “country” per se, with a few notable exceptions. Thanks for playing and thanks for listening.

  10. Molly Says:

    I would LOVE to hear some Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen, and some SF psychedelic rock. The Jefferson Airplane did so much more than just White Rabbit and Somebody to Love. How about “The Ballad of You, Me and Pooneil” or Martha (both from the After Bathing at Baxter’s album.

  11. Sol Says:

    Anything by Johnnie Mercer? I’ve heard he was a great writer but don’t know his tunes.
    Also I’m a big fan of Jimmy Webb, so any tunes by him.
    I do enjoy the super oldies from early 20th century, but I would like to hear a couple great male vocals from that period if I could.

    A great eighties tune with the coolest grove of all time, Hey Nineteen, Steely Dan.

    Great station, by the way!

  12. Linda Says:

    I would like to hear “Scotch and Soda” by the Kingston Trio.

  13. Bill Collins Says:

    Some Bill Dana comedy like “The Astronaut”
    Yeah, it’s not politically correct, but so what!
    Timmie Rogers, the black comedian whose stand-up
    routines were halarious, but helped raise the
    acceptance of black comics in the early 60s.
    He is referred to as the “Jackie Robinson”
    of comedy. “Oh, yeah!”

  14. Molly Says:

    Harry…don’t exactly agree with your comment regarding nothing will compare with anything after 1963. The Beatles..Hello! Being born in 1953 I had my teenage years between about 1966 thru 1972 and I heard plenty of good music that was not filthy or anything. The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac for instance become very popular in the 70s. But I didn’t much actively listen after that, although I did hear because my then teenage daughter was listening to 80s songs. Some stuff from Wham, Tears for Fears, Simply Red and others were quite nice. So were the videos. But I did turn off the radio in the mid 80s and go back to my records and tapes and CDs. Just another point of view.

  15. Bill Collins Says:

    Steve, your unique and unpredictable format has struck a positive tone with area listeners. I was a DJ for about 7 years, and I find 87.7 the best of every station I have been affiated with. But as a challenge to your “Vault o’ Vinyl”, would please play “Underwater” by the Frogmen, and Kenny Dino’s, “Your Ma Said You Cried In Your Sleep Last Night” because, though BOB-FM says they’ll play anything, I’d bet 2 nickels they wouldn’t! I’m cleaning the house listening to Guy Mitchell. Keep ‘em comin’!

  16. Bill Collins Says:

    Pinch me, I’m dreamin’! Thanks for Kenny Dino! If I could squeeze In another request…Harry James playing “Back Beat Boogie!” VOV makes listening to local radio fun and enjoyable! Great stuff!!! Thanks, Steve!

  17. Doug from Paradise Says:

    Just started listeneing over the web. Lovin it. How about
    Love you so by Ron Holden or My true Lie by the Jive 5 two of my favs.

  18. rita kelly Says:

    album name is Land of Point, the song is “Me and My Arrow”
    I’d love to hear it, and I really appreciate the sounds I’m hearing from your broadcast.
    Thank You,

  19. Bill Says:

    Hi Steve,

    Do you happen to have the theme song from the old television series “Tombstone Territory?”

    Thanks for the memories!


  20. Jim Carter Says:

    I’ve been listening from a the start. When the transmitter went down I refused too drive anywhere. Glad you got it fixed.How bout some Ventures…… Telstar

  21. Sol Ta Triane Says:

    Great selections Steve. Great pop songs have great musicality, plus a good lyric….
    That’s what I’m looking for and you seem to have the eye for it. Johnny Mercer, less limp ballads of the fifties, sixties. Come to think about it, how about a set based on 1900-1950 for, say, Sunday noon for so many hours? I’d love that since I never got a chance to learn that music being born in the fifties.

    Thanks for the excellent music and great format….
    Regard, Sol Ta Triane

  22. admin Says:

    Sol. An interesting idea about the Sunday mix of early pop hits. I will ponder it a while. Thanks, Steve

  23. Bill Stairs Says:

    Steve, I have been listening to you since 1978 and I am a little uncomfortable. I must be loosing my memory; I don’t think I have heard the same song play twice. Is that possible?

  24. Liz Says:

    Thank you Steve. Great Radio Station. Listening to it for the very first time! Thank you for playing my request! When you can please I like to listen to Taio Cruz , name of song is “Dynamite”

    Once Again, Great Radio Station! All the best will the Success of the Radio Station!!!

    I like to dedecate a song to the soliders! From Betty Miller u chose a great song for them! Thank you for the Soliders who went to War and is in War zones Thank you from a Canadian!!!

  25. gdhanson Says:

    A tune I never hear anymore is: Cinnamon Sinner by Tony Bennett.
    Fantastic radio! Being in remote parts of Alaska at times, our only real connection is stream radio and yours is tops in the music service.

  26. admin Says:

    Sorry, Tony Bennett never charted with that song.
    Thanks for the kind words, I am glad you enjoy what I do.

  27. Linda Says:

    Cinnamon Sinner reminded me of another song – Cinnamon Cinder by the Pastel Six. Would love to hear it again.

  28. Mike Halldorson Says:

    Would love to hear “Please Please Me” by the Beatles and also “I Love How You Love Me” by the Paris Sisters.

    Thanks, Mike

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